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Sounding Off

                               Sounding off, Shouting or "Ki Hap"

A vocal explosion we refer to as sounding off is a very important element in Tang Soo Do for several reasons.  Physiologically, the sudden expulsion of air from the lungs tightens the abdominal muscles against any counter attack and thus lessens its effect.  It also clears the lungs for the new intake of oxygenated air; essential to supplying the blood with fuel for muscle tissue.  This will help increase stamina.  Psychologically, the shout serves to startle and demoralize one's opponent giving one a momentary advantage.  Furthermore shouting a command clarifies in the mind of the shouter what he is doing.  It focuses his thoughts and so makes him act with greater incisiveness.  Exhaling at the point of impact will help to maximize power and accelerate the blow.  Students should sound off from the abdomen (using the diaphram) on any motion out of a Chun Bee stance, on all direction changes, when changing basic actions, on finishing motions in punching or kicking drills and when directed by the instructor.  Most of our hyungs contain at least one sound-off at appropriate places in the form.

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