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Class Procedures

Tang Soo Do Class Procedures

1. Upon entering the toe chang:

    Members (either in uniform or street clothes) shall salute the flags (if applicable) and bow to the highest-ranking belt on the floor.  Students do not have to wait for the instructor (or highest ranking member) to acknowledge the bow if he is busy.  The salute to the flags is performed the first time the club member enters the toe chang for that particular class and as he/she is leaving that class.

2. Prior to class:

    Members should quietly begin light stretching and warming up exercises prior to class to prepare the body for the training session.  Without the proper amount of warm up exercise, a student could experience needless injury to the muscle tissues and joints of the body.

3. Starting class:

    A. Members will line up according to rank and seniority when the instructor claps his hands.  The highest-ranking member will be to the right and front of class.

    B. The instructor will take a position in the front center of the class.  (If the scheduled instructor is not present at the designated start time of the class, the highest ranking member present shall assume instructor responsibilities and start the class on time and begin warm up exercises and conduct normal class until the arrival of the scheduled instructor.)

    C. The highest ranking student will call the commands (in a loud firm voice):

      1. Attention (Cha Ryut)
      2. Bow (Kyung Yet)
      3. Be seated (Ahn Jo)
      4. Meditation (Muk Yum)

4. During class:

    Proper respect and discipline shall be maintained at all times.  When the club's Master Instructor (or any Master Instructor) enters the toe chang for the first time, the instructor or highest-ranking member shall call the class to attention and bow to him, then return immediately to training.

      A. When a member comes to class late, he will wait on the edge of the training floor until recognized by the instructor, bow and get permission to join the class.

      B. If a student must leave the toe chang for any reason, he shall first get permission from the instructor.  Check with the Master Instructor for possible exceptions to this.

      C. In a large class, if a student has to ask a question, he must first ask a senior member for the information.  A chain of command should be instituted and not breached for any reason.  The Master Instructor should not be approached directly, except by senior members.  During a large class, the Master Instructor may not have time to respond to everyone's questions.

      D. While training, one should show esteem and respect to one's instructors, senior members, and opponents.  One should not lose prudence, self-control, patience or composure; even during free sparring.  This is a very important part of Tang Soo Do and anything less will not be tolerated!

      E. There is to be no moving around or talking unless the instructor has given the command to rest (shu).

      F. Anyone who must adjust their uniform or belt, will always turn away from the instructor or their partner/opponent (if they are paired up) when doing so.

      G. There is to be no coaching or instructing (from the sidelines or the ranks) from anyone in the class other than the instructor (unless authorized to do so).


    While seated on the floor, members shall keep proper posture conducive to good health.  The legs shall be crossed in front with the feet tucked underneath the thighs, back straight, and hands (or wrists) on the knees.  When instructed to sit, students may not move around, talk, or do anything that may disrupt class.

6. During class:

    Members should observe decorum and orderliness.  The toe chang shall be kept clean, neat and safe.  Even after the command to rest (shu), students may not take it upon themselves to get a drink or leave the toe chang unless directed to do so.  Any personal items must be placed in an area where it will not interfere with class activities.

7. Dismissal of class:

    A. Students shall line up, again by rank and seniority, with the Black Belts now lined up to the left side of the instructor (just in front and to the right of the highest ranking student).

    B. The highest ranking student, below the rank of Black Belt, will call the following commands for dismissal of class (in a loud firm voice):

      Attention (Cha Ryut)
      Bow to instructor (Kyung Yet)
      Turn to Black Belts (To Ra)
      Bow to Black Belts (Kyung Yet)
      Turn to the front (To Ra)
      Be seated (Ahn Jo)
      Meditation (Muk Yum)

      After meditation, ranking members will then make any announcements necessary before dismissal of class.

    C. Leaving the toe chang, students shall turn, salute the flags (if applicable) and bow as they exit.

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