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Master Floyd Soo, 7th Dan
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Master Floyd Soo began his Martial Arts training as a young boy in the mid-60s.  He and sister Annie began with Judo lessons; and after a year or so, started their training in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do in Royal Oak, Michigan, when the karate club opened up a few blocks from their home.  Their first instructor was Dale Drouillard, a 3rd Dan Black Belt at the time.  Master Drouillard is now a 9th Dan and is still actively teaching Tang Soo Do in the Detroit area (see the group shot on our home page).  Master Drouillard has the distinction of being the very first American to be awarded a 1st Dan Black Belt by Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee (founder of our art), while Master Drouillard was stationed with American armed forces in South Korea in the ‘50s.  At the time Master Drouillard was teaching in Royal Oak, he was teaching for Master Sang Kyu Shim.

Dale Drouillard Jump Kick

Grand Master Dale Drouillard (Pin#757) “in the day.”

Master Sang Kyu Shim was sponsored (to be relocated from South Korea to Detroit) by Master Drouillard in the early ‘60s for the purpose of organizing the Moo Duk Kwan here in the USA.  With strict, traditional guidance from instructors like these, Master Floyd (and Annie) Soo learned the high standards of physical and mental training and discipline that Tang Soo Do was known for.  Even though Master Floyd and Annie were in their mid-teens, Master Shim treated them (in training and testing) as adults.  In fact, the teens had to break 4 inches of wood with a jump kick, just like the adults in line next to them before they qualified for their 1st Dan Black Belt!  Master Shim was an incredible influence and role model for Masters Floyd and Annie (and eventually younger brother Vince too).

Master Sang Kyu Shim (Pin#180) “in the day.”

Sang Kyu Shim 1

In the mid-70s, Masters Floyd and Annie moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan to attend Western Michigan University.  There, they met Mike March a 3rd Dan Black Belt at the time.  Once they watched a class or two taught by Master March (now a 6th Dan Black Belt), Masters Floyd and Annie knew they had found a new home.

Master Floyd Soo, “back in the day,” 7.5 foot Jump Roundhouse Kick thru 3 1” boards.

FS Round Jump-c
MDK Seminar 1975

Lincoln Park, Michigan, circa 1975  The names of some prominent TSD instructors are listed.  Master Mike March is the highest ranking student in this class.  He is clearly seen at the far left of the photo.

Hwang Kee & Mike March-c

Grand Master Hwang Kee with Master Mike March (Pin#10724) “in the day.”

From the mid-70s to the present, Masters Floyd, Annie and Vince are still training with Master March.  He demanded the highest standards in technique, speed, power, skill, courage and honor from his students, just like Masters Drouillard and Shim did.  The United States Korean Karate Association was formed just a few short years after they (Master Vince too) all met in Kalamazoo.  As anyone who has trained in the USKKA knows, these stardards have not been compromised in any way, even 3 decades later!  Master Floyd Soo now teaches and trains in the Clarkston, Waterford, Lake Orion (Michigan) area, while Masters March, Soo-Mott and Soo are still training and teaching in the Kalamazoo (Michigan) area.

Master Floyd Soo’s classes are consistently at full capacity, as the word is out about the quality if his (and his staff’s) instruction.  Between Kids Karate (ages 5, 6 & 7), Karate (adults) and Instructor’s classes, Master Floyd continues to inspire students of all ages and genders to become the best they can be, in the training hall and elsewhere.  Join his classes and experience what he can do for YOU!

Master Floyd Soo was awarded his 7th Dan by Grand Master Michael March on the 21st of October 2017.  2017 is also Master Soo’s 50th year in Korean Karate!

Floyd 7th with Mike March
Floyd 7th traditional

Traditional USKKA group photo after Master Floyd Soo was promoted to 7th Dan.

Master Floyd Soo was promoted to 6th Dan by Grand Master Chung Il Kim on the 17th of October 2010 in Chicago, Illinois.  Master Mike March was promoted to 7th Dan on the same day.

Floyd & Mike's test - 87 (2)
5th Dan Test group
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