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We, here at Floyd Soo’s Korean Karate, strongly believe that everyone (especially women) should empower themselves with the ability to prevent and escape threatening situations.  New college students, young adults moving into new apartments, high school girls starting to venture out on their own or ANY ONE who refuses to be a victim; all should be trained in self defense!

Master Floyd Soo’s Self-Defense Training Programs shows everyone “How Not To Be A Victim.”  We live by the mantra “AWARENESS - AVOIDANCE - ACTION” (the “Triple As”).  Master Soo and his staff covers:

Safety Around The Car

Safety Around The Home

Preventing Sexual Assault

Legalities of Self Defense

Proper Mindset to Prevail

Physical Training: Choke and Grab Releases, Blocking, Punching, Kicking, Striking, Evasion...

Skills building for good lifelong habits!

One of the most popular programs is the “MOTHER & DAUGHTER SELF DEFENSE SEMINAR.”  In this program, mothers and daughters spend time together learning the skills that will keep both of them safe from harm.  A vast majority of the time, this occurs just before the daughter heads off to college, on her own for the first time.  All of the programs cover basic safety and awareness tips, while emphasizing assault PREVENTION.  The “Triple As” remind everyone that the first priority is AWARENESS.  If you are Aware of your surroundings, you are able to put into practice the second “A,” which is AVOIDANCE.  With Awareness of your surroundings, you can now Avoid possible threatening situations.  If Avoidance is not possible, then you must immediately move into whatever ACTION is necessary to prevail.  Notice that we are using the word “Prevail” when we are talking about the outcome of a self defense situation.  In our view, it is not enough to be laying on the ground and have “survived” an encounter; we want to PREVAIL over the entire situation!  This is an important philosophical distinction.

Cane class

Master Floyd Soo has been teaching Men’s Self-Defense, Women’s Self-Defense and Children’s Self-Defense classes and seminars since 1970!  He and  his staff will teach proven techniques and tactics that will help everyone avoid dangerous situations, and deal with those situations, if the need arises.  In addition, Master Soo will give participants a good workout when covering the physical aspects of self defense!   He presently holds regular classes and seminars at the Great Lakes Athletic Club facility for ages 13 and up.  Interested parties can join an existing class or seminar, or they can form their own customized program!  Contact Master Floyd Soo at: for more details!

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