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General Etiquette

During class, demonstrations or testing, these general guidelines of etiquette shall be followed:

When addressed directly by any Instructor, the student shall ALWAYS acknowledge with “YES SIR!”  The student shall always be at attention when acknowledging in this manner, this is being respectful and courteous to your instructors. (Even though the use of “YES SIR” is commonly accepted as being genderless in martial art and military circles, it would also be acceptable to acknowledge a female Instructor by saying, “YES MA’AM.”)

When addressing a Black Belt (1st, 2nd, or 3rd Dan), refer to them as Mr. Mrs. or Ms. plus their last name.

When addressing or referring to a Master Instructor (4th Dan or higher), refer to them as "Master" plus their first OR last name.

When shaking hands with any Black Belt for any reason, the student shall come to attention and bow before (and maybe even after) the handshake.

When being presented something in a formal setting (like a belt or certificate after testing), the student shall always come to attention and bow before AND after accepting whatever is being handed to them.

While adjusting your uniform or belt, face away from your instructor.  If no instructor is present at the time, turn away from the front of the toe chang.  If you are working with a partner/opponent, always turn away from them to adjust your uniform or belt.

Never lean against the walls, post, beams, or mirrors at any time (whether standing or sitting).

While sitting, sit with your back straight, your hands/wrists on your knees and legs crossed.

Do not put your hands in your pockets if you are wearing street clothes.

Never disrespect your belt by snapping it, swinging it in the air, playing jump rope with it, dragging it on the floor, etc.

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