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Toe Balk / Uniform

Toe Balk (or Toe Bok) / Uniform

The Tang Soo Do uniform is called a "toe bok." Like everything else in Tang Soo Do, it is steeped in tradition and history. The toe balk consists of a jacket, trousers, and belt. It is derived from the traditional Korean clothing called "hanbok."

Students should keep their toe balks clean, ironed, and in good repair. They should wear it with pride, proper respect, and etiquette; for example: The Toe Bok (technically) is not complete without the club patch on the left lapel and the matching jacket trim for Green Belts, Red Belts and Black Belts. (The association patch and flags on the sleeves are optional.) The belt (“dee”) should be worn snugly around the waist, not loosely around the hips, as the purpose of the belt is to keep the uniform top from coming loose during rigorous training (it is not a fashion statement). Students should not show disrespect to their belts by throwing it on the floor, twirling it around or snapping it at someone else. Other than the White Belt, a practitioner must earn the belt that is worn; ALWAYS treat the belt and uniform with reverence.

In addition, the pant legs should be hemmed properly, so as not to be dragging on or touching the floor. If they do, it could become a safety issue, in that the practitioner can step on the pant cuff or, worse yet, hook the toes of the other foot on it during exercises. Dragging the pants on the ground during training and getting them dirty unnecessarily is widely accepted as poor etiquette. Likewise, the cuffs of the pants should not interfere with the use of foot pads.

The sleeves of the jacket should also be hemmed properly, so they do not interfere with the hands and wrist during training. They shall not be rolled up; if the practitioner would like to have their forearms free from the sleeves or if the sleeves are too long, the sleeves must be cut and hemmed properly...NOT ROLLED UP! Again, this is a respect/etiquette issue; ALWAYS treat the belt and uniform with reverence. This is a direct reflection on the practitioner and instructor!

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