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Korean Terminology


          Toe Chang -- Gym / Training Facility

          Kuk Gi -- National Flag

          Toe Balk -- Training Uniform

          Dee -- Belt

          Kwan Jang (Nim) -- Head of the Association or Federation(Honorable) One traditional interpretation is “Grand Master Instructor”

          Sah Bum (Nim) -- Master or Head Instructor (Honorable)

          Kyo Sah (Nim) -- Assistant to the Instructor (Honorable)

          Nim -- Honorable

          Je Ja -- Pupil

          Dan -- Degree as in Black Belt rank

          Gup -- Class as in Color Belt rank

          Ki Hap -- Sound Off (Yell or Shout)

          Shi Sun -- Focus of the Eyes

          Kyok Pa -- Breaking Techniques

          Ha Dan -- Lower Body

          Choong Dan -- Middle Body

          Sahng Dan -- Upper Body

          Kong Kyuk -- Attack

          Mahkee -- Block / Defend

          Ahp -- Front

          Yup -- Side

          Twee -- Back

          Ho Sin Sul -- Self Defense

          Neh Gung -- Internal Power

          Weh Gung -- External Power

          Sahm Bu Dae Ryun -- 3-Step Sparring

          Il Bu Dae Ryun -- 1-Step Sparring

          Cha Yu Dae Ryun -- Free Sparring


Forms (Hyung)

           Giecho Hyung Il Bu -- Basic Form #1

           Giecho Hyung E Bu -- Basic Form #2

           Giecho Hyung Sahm Bu -- Basic Form #3

           Pyung Ahn Hyung Cho Dan -- Pyung Ahn Form #1

           Pyung Ahn Hyung E Dan -- Pyung Ahn Form #2

           Pyung Ahn Hyung Sahm Dan -- Pyung Ahn Form #3

           Pyung Ahn Hyung Sah Dan -- Pyung Ahn Form #4

           Pyung Ahn Hyung O Dan -- Pyung Ahn Form #5

           Bassai Hyung -- Bassai Form

           Nai An Chi Hyung Cho Dan -- Nai An Chi Form #1

           Nai An Chi Hyung E Dan -- Nai An Chi Form #2

           Nai An Chi Hyung Sahm Dan -- Nai An Chi Form #3




           Ha Na -- One

           Dool -- Two

           Set -- Three

           Net -- Four

           Da Sut -- Five

           Yo Sut -- Six

           Il Gop -- Seven

           Yo Dul -- Eight

           Ah Hope -- Nine

           Yul -- Ten




           Chun Gul Jaseh -- Front Stance

           Hu Gul Jaseh -- Back Stance

           Ki Ma Jaseh -- Horseride Stance

           Sah Ko Rip Jaseh -- Side Stance

           Chun Bee Jaseh -- Ready Stance

           Kyo Cha Rip Jaseh -- X Stance




            Cha Ryut -- Attention

            To Ra -- Turn

            Kyung Yet -- Bow or Salute

            Ahn Jo -- Sit

            Muk Nyum -- Meditate

            Chun Bee -- Ready

            Shi Chak -- Begin

            Kyo De -- Change

            Hoo Jin -- Reversing or Backing Up

            Ba Ro -- Return

            E La Sut -- Stand

            Ki Hap -- Sound Off

            Shio -- Rest

            Twee Ro -- Look back (or behind)




          Ahp Pudo Cha Gee -- Front Stretch Kick

          Ahp Cha Gee -- Front Snap Kick

          Yup Pudo Cha Gee -- Side Stretch Kick

          Yup Cha Gee -- Side Thrust Kick

          Tollryo Cha Gee -- Round Kick

          Twee Cha Gee -- Back (Pivot or Reverse) Kick

          Ea Dan Ahp Cha Gee -- Jump Front Kick

          Ea Dan Yup Cha Gee -- Jump Side Kick

          Ea Dan Dull Ryo Cha Gee -- Jump Round Kick

          Ea Dan Twee Cha Gee -- Jump Back (Pivot or Reverse) Kick

          Ahnesu Pahkoo Ro Cha Gee -- In-To-Out Kick

          Pahkesu Ahnoo Ro Cha Gee -- Out-To-In Kick

          Peet Cha Gee -- Outside Round (or Twisting) Kick

          Moo Roop -- Knee




    Ha Dan Mahkee -- Low Block

    Sahng Dan Mahkee -- High Block

    Pahkesu Ahnoo Ro Choong Dan Mahkee -- Out-To-In Middle Block

    Ahnesu Pahkoo Ro Choong Dan Mahkee -- In-To-Out Middle Block

    Sahng Soo Mahkee -- Double Hand (Fist) Block

    Ha Dan Soo Do -- Lower Double Knife Hand Block

    Choong Dan Soo Do -- Middle Double Knife Hand Block

    Sahng Dan Soo Do -- Upper Double Knife Hand Block

    Hugul Sahng Soo Mahkee -- Back Stance - Double Hand Block



Hand Techniques

           Jung Kwan -- Fore Fist

           Gup Kwan -- Back Fist

           Il Ji Kwan -- 1 Finger Fist

           Soo Do -- Knife Hand

           Yuk Soo Do -- Reverse Knife (Ridge) Hand

           Kwan Soo -- Spear Hand

           Il Ji Kwan Soo -- 1 Finger Spear Hand

           Ee Ji Kwan Soo -- 2 Finger Spear Hand

           Choong Dan Kong Kyuk -- Punching Middle Part (solar plexus)

           Sahng Dan Kong Kyuk -- Punching Upper Part (upper lip)

           Heng Jin Kong Kyuk -- Side (Horse-Ride) Punch

           Yuk Jin Kong Kyuk -- Reverse Action Punch

           Jang Kwon -- Palm Heel

           Pal Coop -- Elbow

           Kwon Do -- Hammer Fist


NOTE: The spelling of the Korean words and phrases is not important. It is the pronunciation that we are listening for. You will see many different ways to spell these same Korean words, but remember, the pronunciation of the words is the essence of this terminology, not the spelling.

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