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Club Rules & Regulations

Tang Soo Do Club Rules and Regulations

1. No one will walk on the training floor with shoes on.


2. No profane language or disorderly conduct at any time, inside or outside of the club.


3. No alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs of any type are permitted in any part of the toe chang (training hall).


4. No one who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the toe chang.


5. Smoking is not allowed in the toe chang.


6. Gum chewing during class is not allowed.


7. Uniforms will be kept clean and in good condition at all times.


8. All jewelry (rings, watches, earrings, etc.) shall be removed prior to start of class.


9. Training apparel will consist of a toe balk (karate uniform) or karate uniform pants, belt and a club t-shirt during the summer season.


10. No one below the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt will teach or demonstrate to lower ranks without prior approval of the class instructor or Master Instructor.


11. Only students whose dues are paid up (member in good standing) will be permitted to test.


12. All instructors, regardless of rank, will be shown the respect which is due an instructor.


13. Personal cleanliness is reflected in the cleanliness of the toe chang. It is everyone's responsibility to keep the toe chang dirt free, clean and safe.


14. All electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, PDAs) must be turned off during class, testing and demonstrations, except with the express permission of the class instructor or Master Instructor.

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