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We can provide Tang Soo Do students with all the necessary equipment for their training and safety. Please check back from time to time in the future to see what products are being spotlighted or introduced. If you do not see a martial arts related product mentioned here, please contact us, and we’ll make every effort to locate that item for you. Just email us at

We will be adding products to this page as time permits, so you will see our product line grow from just a few items to start with. Again, let us know if there is anything specific that you need for your martial arts training...


Our custom silk-screened gym bags (listed at bottom) are on sale. The normal price for the large bag is $40, now they are only $32! The normal price for the smaller bag is $35, they are now on sale for only $26! Supply is limited, so order yours today!

"Toe Balk" & Belts

DVDs, Videos and Books

Club and Association patches

Martial Arts Weapons

Martial Arts Weapons

Uniform Bags w/club & association logos

Club t-shirts

Club t-shirts (back side)

Chest and head pads

High density foam hand pads and foot pads are very popular with students who are high enough in rank to free spar in class. These hand and foot pads are available in different sizes (childrens and adults: S, M, L) and colors (red, black, white). Hand pads are only $29.95 per pair. Foot pads are only $29.95 per pair.

Also popular among our students are the forearm and shin pads. These pads help keep the bumps and bruises of semi-free fighting and free fighting down to a minimum and are also available in many sizes. Forearm pads are only $11.95 per pair. Shin pads are only $11.95 per pair. Shin and instep pad combos are slightly higher in price.

Our custom silkscreened gym bags are also very popular. Available in two sizes, these bags have several pockets on them and both the club and association logos proudly displayed. Only $40 for the large size and $35 for the smaller one.

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