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We are in a very challenging time for everyone.  As we have said many times, “AWARENESS,” “AVOIDANCE,” “ACTION!”  Be aware of the present situation, whether it be the virus or people becoming the threat.  Avoid the threats, by taking the proper Action!  Therefore, classes have been suspended for the time being.  Train at home!  Be healthy!  Be vigilant!  Stay safe!

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Our Michigan Korean Martial Arts Summit and Self-Defense Expo was a GREAT success on the 2nd of June!  The day was filled with sparring drills; self-defense techniques against armed and unarmed attackers; use of canes and tactical flash lights for self-defense; gun defense; joint locks; take downs and more!

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Master Munyon

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Master Soo

Congratulations to Master Floyd Soo on his promotion to 7th Degree Black Belt on the 21st of October, 2017!   In a luncheon party after the test, his students helped helped him celebrate his 50th year in Korean Karate, as well has his 7th Dan promotion.  Please join all of us in congratulating Master Soo on these important milestones!

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Floyd 7th with Mike March

Be sure to congratulate Master Floyd Soo on his induction into the MASTERS  HALL  OF  FAME! 

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With current events the way they are, there has been a spike in Self-Defense activity. The interest in Self-Defense is a good thing!  Keep yourself and your family safe from harm, sign up for one of our Self-Defense seminars or classes!  You’ll be glad you did!

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We at Floyd Soo's Korean Karate are committed to providing high-quality, economical martial arts training in a positive, fun and caring environment.  We promote self-discipline, self-defense, self-confidence and self-respect along with increased physical and mental fitness the martial arts are known for.   Our focus is on developing well-rounded individuals who are empowered to face any adversity with courage, confidence, honor and integrity.  We believe in fitness of the mind, body and spirit; we live it and teach it...

In 2017, Master Soo celebrated his 50th year in Korean Karate!  You can see several small articles on the web site that spotlights Master Soo and his accomplishments under “Meet the Masters.” In those 50 years, Master Soo has stayed true to the traditional style of Tang Soo Do that Grand Master Hwang Kee created.  Grand Masters Kang Uk Lee and Chung Il Kim both congratulated Master Soo (and his instructor Master March and their organization) on staying true to the original art in all aspects!  Master Soo teaches the traditional and the modern Forms (Hyungs) and techniques of Grand Master Hwang Kee’s MDK-Tang Soo Do, along with that he also stresses the traditional philosophy and values of the art.

Our traditional martial art of MDK-Tang Soo Do is Grand Master Hwang Kee’s original style which emphasizes respect, honor, discipline, integrity, truth and justice; in addition to the intensive mental and physical training.  Through our own examples, experiences and involvement, we will instill these same values in you.  You will experience a new, more rewarding way of life by joining our martial arts family!

Again, keep an eye on our “Current Events page, as that is where we try to keep you informed of what is happening in our clubs and organization.  Also, keep an eye on the “History page, as we spotlight different people who have made significant contributions to our art of MDK-Tang Soo Do.

Please bookmark this page and stop by this web site often, because we are continually in the process of updating and remodeling it.  If you do visit us regularly, you will watch this web site grow and mature.  We truly hope that you will observe and enjoy the process...

Please check out our new Facebook page, or the Current Events page of this web site for up to date information and photos from recent events.

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